Puyallup Storm Drain Cleaning & Sweeper / Vacuum Truck Services

Located about 10 miles southeast of Tacoma and 35 miles south of Seattle, Puyallup is a city in Pierce County, Washington, United States. The city has a total area of 14.04 square miles, of which 13.93 square miles of land and 0.11 square miles is water, mainly consisting of the Puyallup River estuary. Unincorporated Pierce County largely borders the city; the closest neighbors include Sumner’s city to the northeast, Fife and Edgewood to the north. To the northwest of Tacoma, to the west Summit and Midland, to the south Graham and Frederickson, to the southeast McMillin and Orting, and east is Alderton.

Storm Drain Cleaning in Puyallup

Our fleet of “Vactor” vacuum jetter trucks make storm drain cleaning quick and easy. No matter where in Puyallup your business is located, we are nearby and can come quickly to resolve any water drainage or compliance issues you may have.

From line jetting to spill clean ups, and even video inspection, Davidson-Macri is your solution to clean, complaint storm drains.

Storm Drain Cleaning
Victory Liberty Mark III 2

Sweeper Truck Services in Puyallup

Our fleet includes large and small vacuum sweepers, We can sweep the smallest parking lot to the largest business campus or shopping center.

Street Sweeping in Puyallup

In addition to keeping your streets looking good, street sweeping is an effective way to prevent clogged storm drains. This is why many of our clients use street sweeping as a way to prevent drainage issues that can cause flooding or other health and safety issues.

Parking Lot Services

Parking Lot & Construction Sweeping in Puyallup

No matter the size of your parking lot or construction site or level of urgency, Davidson-Macri has a fleet of sweeper trucks and dump trucks near Puyallup ready to sweep up and remove any garbage or construction debris.

Vacuum Truck Services in Puyallup

Our vacuum truck services are the perfect solution for areas that need complete debris removal. These industrial vacuums can pull in garbage, leaves, dust, and pretty much any other kind of unwanted materials and leave your parking lots or streets incredibly clean.

Vacuum trucks are ideal for both indoor and outdoor parking lots, pedestrian areas, and other locations where complete removal of debris is essential.

Vacuum truck services are also an environmentally friendly way to clean while improving the aesthetic beauty of your property.

Vacuum Truck Services
Water Truck Services

Water Trucks in Puyallup

Water trucks provide many useful services and can be important for meeting safety, health, and environmental requirements. Additionally water trucks can be used in compaction and aide in street and parking lot cleaning. Other uses include water hauling, pool filling, and even fire support. If you require any of these services in Puyallup, please contact us below.

Hydro Excavation in Puyallup

Hydro excavation is used now in Puyallup as an alternative to traditional manual digging or mechanical excavation. The existence makes digging faster, easier, less labor-intensive, eco-friendly, and even more cost-effective. Excavation removes soil with pressurized water and then suctioning off the slurry into a debris tank.

Hydro excavation is often lighter and less expensive. This method reduces risks for any damages and safety compared with other methods.

Our company offers hydro excavators for many wide-ranging applications which creates a better service.

If you’re looking for hydro excavators that are safe and cost-effective, Davidson-Macri offers several wide-ranging applications. Our various hydro excavations include Pot-holing, Slot trenching, Daylighting, Making footings & Pole installation.